Hello 2017- Top 5 Posts on IMFB in 2016

Welcome to 2017. 2016 was… interesting. Not only because we lost Prince and other celebrities but I picked up and moved from Orlando, FL to Salem, OR. We came into a school that had three consecutive 1-8 seasons and went 4-5, increasing points for and cutting points against down by 100 too. Check out the top posts of 2016, listen to some Coachspeak episodes and find me at AFCA.

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Many IMFB readers and Coachspeak listeners were excited about the Linebacker Drills Manual and Video. I can’t blame you, I did some damn fine work. These are my drills for Linebackers and even some tackling drills thrown in.


Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 1.20.12 PM.png

You can always listen to the Coachspeak on LB Drills here too

The IMFB fans also like my stuff on Mark Richt’s offense.


I cover the zone lead and Richt’s favorite play-actions too.

Head Coaching Roles were big in 2016 as well, are you becoming a head coach? Check this:


Many of us aspire to be a header some day and I have been one for over four years. I’ve also been an assistant for a decade.

An important part of being a head coach and a defensive coordinator is teaching safe tackling methods:


People have really liked my podcast on the 4-2-5 Defense (install 8).