Strength: Unilateral Workout Vol 2

This is a nice little workout to do with your players. Includes a warm up, workout, and cool down.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.45.16 PM.png

Warm up: high knees, short cycle, carioca, air squats

1-arm USA Swings 3×5×2

Single leg dead lift 3x5x2

Trap shop 3x5x3

Split squats/single leg squats 3x5x2

Kneeling 1-arm shoulder press 3x6x2

1-arm DB snatch 3x5x2

Ironman Press (Alt Hanging Incl DB Press) 3×8

1-arm Alt Curls 3×6×2 (DB)

Cool down: 10 minute jog, static stretch