Recruiting: 5 Tips to Getting Your Players/Self Signed by Colleges (Install 10)

Coaches, we all want to see our student-athletes make it to the next level and continue to do what they love. I have 5 tips on how to achieve this as part of our Patreon install 10: Recruiting Your Players to Colleges (ETA: spring break).

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 8.38.20 PM.png

Tip 1: Get academics/discipline in order

You don’t have to be a Harvard kid to get signed, but you do need to have your academics in order. By that I mean: take a test (ACT/SAT), have a 2.5+ cumulative unweighted GPA, be on track to graduate, complete the FAFSA, have a copy of your own transcript. Coaches are responsible for promoting tests, FAFSA, etc to the families, but you as the player must do most of these things on your own. Be a respectful person and the coaches will see that and want you. No coach wants to have to rewrite the past 18 years of you being a turd. Be a good kid every day and it will shine through.

Tip 2: Present yourself like a pro

Coaches- it’s our job to promote this as what it is: A HUGE PART OF THEIR LIVES. College tours, official/unofficial visits, coaches visiting for “bump into” meetings, etc are all possibilities to show you mean business. You care about your appearance, how you project yourself today, and your future. This is a huge decision and opportunity- don’t go in looking like a slob. Wear dress pants/nice jeans, a polo or button up. You don’t need a suit for a visit but you do need to look ironed and presentable. You represent your school, program, coach and family… you’ll also be representing theirs! This includes social media. @SexyPlaya10 is a stupid name, make it SDavidson10 instead. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your mom/preacher/God to see. Coaches are looking (or at least their interns are). 

Tip 3: Don’t use a recruiting service

Recruiting services aren’t real. You can do all of that on your own for free using our Patreon exclusive content materials as help. Your coach should be helping you, but some don’t and don’t care. You can do 90% of this on your own. Just use our materials and you’ll be good to go. You will need support of a high school coach though, so if the head coach won’t help, find an assistant that will.

Tip 4: Make sure your Hudl film looks good

Coach Mann (@thamannjr on Twitter) preaches this stuff every week. Best plays up front. Keep the tape to 5 min. No routine plays. Spot shadow BEFORE the play starts. Never interrupt the play. Trim the plays so it’s from lining up through the play. Coaches won’t select your plays for you, but they can/will help with the final product. Also- put your info on the first slide or two! First/Last name, cell #, e-mail (not sexyballer_5 either, works) jersey #, and school name.

Tip 5: Attend a camp

I think it’s really important to attend a camp and have data officially taken as part of it. Height, weight, 40, etc. Be seen and coached by college coaches. Don’t go to a combine from a service, go to an actual college and work out for them. It also helps for your players to see where they fall. If they attend a big shot D1 and get worked, while it might crush their spirit it will also let them see where they are. If you’re a D3 kid, attend a D3 camp. Your coach should a) have this info and b) help you register and pick the right one for you