Programming your off-season program

Our weight program is designed around two extremely complex lifts: the power clean and the barbell snatch. Even if we never power clean or barbell snatch, that’s still the emphasis behind the way we program our Athletic Performance Program. We can do the parts that sum the whole of the two lifts and become better athletes in the process.


Power Clean

Why the power clean? Well it incorporates many of football coaches favorite lifts. Football requires explosive power, agility, stability, and flexibility. How do our players obtain this? Through the power clean. Now, we don’t actually include “power clean” per se as a lift in our program. However, we do all the parts of a power clean.

Tips: both hands over as a grip, thumb distance from body. Big chest, eyes up. Wiggle toes. Hips shoulder distance.

Dead Lift (clean grip)

Jump Shrug

High Pull

Front Squat

Hang Clean


Barbell Snatch

Why is a barbell snatch important? It requires power, balance, hip flexibility and explosion. It also transfers weight from anterior to posterior which is challenging to the core of the lifter.

Now we may never barbell snatch (dedicated, experienced lifters with proper form only) but we will do 1-arm DB snatches twice a week. We will also Push Press (BB or DB) twice, Overhead Squat twice, Back squat (or thruster, or jumping 1/4 back squat) twice a week at least.

RDL (snatch grip)

Push Press

Overhead Squat

Back Squat

1-Arm Dumbbell Snatch