Bringing on a New Coach, Linebacker Specific!

It’s the time of the year when staffs change over and new coaches come on board in the summer to fill out staffs. High schools are hiring new teachers and some are coaxed and others are looking for a coaching job to make a difference. Here’s how to coach those rookies up!

I had a coach ask:

Quick question , we brought on an intern, no coaching experience. What kind of things would you have him do to learn/cut teeth? I have him with me with linebackers.


I would make sure any new coach with zero experience can master their indy drills. Find them an Indy Drills DVD, a book on the position, and a good blog about it. For Linebackers, the drills DVD I recommend is Vernon Hargreaves, some guys like Tommy Tuberville’s but it’s hard to find. For a blog, Brophy has a great one and lots of defense and LB drills there too. For books Jerry Sandusky’s is popular.


Once your new coach has every day drills (EDD’s) and can at least run indy, you can build from there. I would send a new coach to your local college to watch practice and meet the position coach, and the NFL team if you’re connected and have one nearby (harder of course). Hell, if I’m at a 2A school I would send my guy up to a 6A-8A to see the big boys and learn from their LB coach if I had the connection.


From there, I would make cut ups of our defense playing our offense (and similar offenses). Tag them with your fronts, coverages, etc and chalk them up with notes. It’s hard to watch whole games, but it’s easy to watch 15 plays off a cut-up that matches an abridged playbook. Once the coach masters that, send over a full game of defense and the full playbook.

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