IMFB “Spring/Summer” Practice Schedules

No matter what you call your “spring” practices (summer camp, anyone?) this is a great way to get the most from just a couple of weeks of practice! Follow our practice plans for spring/summer football success. In Oregon we get 8 practices over 10 days after Memorial Day weekend.


We started on Tuesday, May 30th and we will wrap up on Thursday, June 8th. We have 2 days in helmets only, 1 day in shells, and then we’re able to go full gear and live. We won’t go live all spring in order to be able to keep players healthy and safe after a long school year. Want to stop the RPO? Run RPOs? Run a zone offense? Mix in a little wing-t to a spread world? Run a 4-3 hybrid with 4-2-5 and quarters pattern match? Learn some drills and essential skills and a practice plan?

FREE 5/30/17 Tuesday – Offense Day (PDF format)

FREE 5/31/17 Wednesday – Defense Day (PDF format)

6/1/17 Thursday – Offense Day (PDF format)

6/2/17 Friday – Defense Day (PDF format)

6/5/17 Monday – Offense Day (PDF format)

6/6/17 Tuesday – Defense Day (PDF format)

6/7/17 Wednesday – Offense Day (PDF format)