Retooling Buck Sweep

Prior, we had been running buck sweep the traditional way, down, kick, run inside the kick out. But we’ve increasingly had a harder and harder time finding outside running plays to keep defenses honest. Outside of a pull on inside zone read or a jet sweep (have never had a ton of success with them) I’ve OC’ed an inside run team the past three seasons.

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Click here or the image above to access the cut-ups of our summer camp scrimmage

Our friendly neighborhood coaches corner at the local watering hole likes to complain “they just run inside and throw outside” having no idea what our scheme is and why we were doing so. It’s become a staff joke and in all honesty the reason we haven’t ran outside a ton is because of a lack of team speed. We’ve been much more shifty than fast and to run speed sweeps you need SPEED. Between Dale Baskett’s Speed Camp work and our talented sophomores becoming a year older, we now have some speed and needed an outside run play.


Outside Zone or OZ is really another inside run play more than half the time. It is also a really difficult read for the RB and we already have a split zone play that’s hard to read for the backs. So we wanted something easy to read and guaranteed to be outside the tackle. The solution was buck sweep, but the new fangled version Oregon loves so much.


Once we had the play, we had to adjust the blocking scheme and even the formation to make it work every single time. From a 2-back look in the backfield, we pinned that DE well about 60%, but we wanted it closer to 100% like any good OC would. We decided to wing the H-Back, this way we can still run split zone and IZR from this look. The H-Back can still block across formation and kick the DE or arc and lead for a pulling QB.

Buck Sweep

Now for Buck Sweep. Instead of down blocking the 3-tech and kicking the DE… we have our H-Back reach the DE and cut him off from making a play. Our guards don’t kick and wrap, they both pull and haul ass around the outside to lead block for the TB. We can still slant-to-stalk with our Z, and run stalk/bubble or another RPO on the backside. Our C down-blocks the 1-tech and our BSOT gap-hinges the BSDE or blitzing LB’er.

Below, a diagram of Buck Sweep from 20p:Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 4.53.53 PM.png


Below, a GIF of us running buck sweep in half-line

buck sweep 1.gif


Below- GIF of buck sweep in half-line part 2

buck sweep 2.gif

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 5.13.49 PM.png

Click here or the image above to access the cut-ups of our summer camp scrimmage