The Top 25: 25 Players, Coaches, Schemes, and Incidents That Made Me Love College Football: Reggie Bush vs Vince Young

#TheTop25 This is sort of a kickoff post or honorable mention to my Top 25… – remember, this is about ME and me alone. I’m sure in different regions, generations, etc different moments and games mattered more. This is what made ME a fan. Take it for what it’s worth. Hopefully I’ll get a podcast guest to discuss this stuff. Now on to the show!

The Top 25 Story Stream

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Reggie Bush vs Vince Young

Some how after getting whack match-ups for years like Oklahoma vs FSU in 2000, or Miami vs Nebraska in 2001 we had great match-ups in 2002 and 2005. In 2005, we saw USC taking on Texas. USC was on the road to THREE STRAIGHT national titles, even if 2003’s was split with LSU (wasn’t the job of the BCS to fix that?).


In 2005, which the Rose Bowl was actually played in 2006, we got a classic. Returning Champ the USC Trojans vs the Texas Longhorns. Heisman winners Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush* against Vince Young. Young carried the team on his back in 2005 passing for 3,036 and 26 TDs while rushing for 1,050 and 12 TDs. I don’t care what era you’re in, those stats are crazy.

I was pulling for Texas in this one. I wanted to see anyone but Bush/Leinart and Mr. Hipster Pete Carroll win again. Vince Young scampered into the end zone with 19 seconds left on a play that seemed almost too easy for him. For a guy that had almost been benched and people thought would never be able to “win the big one” he sure did come up big in the right moment for #2 Texas. He cemented Mack Brown into the Hall of Fame and out of being an almost guy.

Reggie was no slouch picking up 82 rushing yards and a TD + 95 receiving yards and 20 yards per kick off return. LenDale White scored 3 times and Leinart completed over 70% of his throws. USC was great- Texas was just greater.

This moment stuck with me because it was another underdog victory, Young over the 2 stars, Brown over Will Ferrell/Snoop Dogg and Pete Carroll, and Spread offense over “pro style.”