#TheTop25 Another “remember when” is ESPN Classic the early years

#TheTop25 4th of July Special Edition

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This 4th special focuses on ESPN Classic, Keith Jackson, and I linked up a few one hour games for your enjoyment!

When I was a tween and teen, I was down to stay in and watch some ESPN Classic football. I would check the TV listings in the paper (yup!) and highlight (YUP!) the ESPN Classic college football games I had to see. Bama vs PSU 1982, Miami vs FSU 1991, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State… you name it, I watched it.


They would cram those old games into an hour block (45 min of football) and show you all the best parts that set up the game. Now I live on OneHourFootball on YouTube. Back then you would hear the sweet sounds of “WHOA NELLY” from Keith Jackson who called every major game of my childhood.

Miami vs Oklahoma 1988 Orange Bowl

Without those old ESPN Classic games I wouldn’t have half the college football historical knowledge that I have. There’s something special about college football in general and for me specifically and ESPN Classic definitely helped groom that.

Florida vs Nebraska 1996 Fiesta Bowl


Ohio State vs Michigan 1997


Notre Dame vs USC 1978