Athletic Performance: Off-Season Program 2018 (part 3), Movement

It’s that time of the year again. The footballs are locked away in the equipment room and your staff is starting to meet again. As a coach, you’re hitting clinics and the AFCA Convention. But you still have a job to do. Your job from January through early August is to get your players to be more athletic, while still respecting their other sports they play and their grades. Your staff needs to sit down and meet to figure out the following, but here are my tips for each section:

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Click here for Coachspeak episode 28 “Off-Season Program 2018”

Speed Camp

Out of respect for the business I can’t divulge that many details about Dale Baskett’s speed camp program. Call Dale, pay him, have him fly out to coach you and coach your program. You will thank  me later when your athletes go from running 5.5 in the 40 to 4.6 and you win three times the games as the year before. It’ll happen. Trust me. It happened to me, twice!


I can tell you his program is about a half hour a session, and it’s 9 unique sessions over 18 workout periods. It requires only disc cones (cereal bowls as JJ Flynn calls them). The focus is on technique, shoulder rotation, and easy coaching points.

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Agility Training

My agility work can be a more detailed explanation. I’ve created my agilities into three separate sessions using Kurt Hester’s drills, drills I’ve learned over time, and some drills I’ve adapted using Dale Baskett’s training.

Check out Hester’s Combine 2.0 video HERE

Session 1

Some of these drills are from Dale Baskett, some from my personal experience, and one from Kurt Hester. We’re working hand-eye commands here by clapping and pointing to start and to progress the drill. Works read and react as well as the agility itself.

Name of Drill Set/Distance Details
Come to Balance 3 sets (Back) Sprint, Chop, Sprint
Back Pedal/Sprint 3 sets (Mid) Back 5, Sprint 10
Back Pedal/Turn-Sprint 3 sets (Front) Back 5, flip, sprint 5
Zig-Zag 2 sets each way (Back) Sprint, Chop, Sprint
10’s 3 sets (Back) Sprint 10


Session 2

These are a mix of Dale Baskett and my own drills from experience. The Curve is great for baseball, softball, and football. Adjust, weave, and the curve work on ankle/knee/hip stability as you’re turning corners and adjusting your weight versus cutting.

Name of Drill Set/Distance Details
Cone Drills one set each 1in, 2in, 4in, scrape, up/back, hop, side lateral
The Curve 3 sets each way Run the Curve
Adjust 3 sets Sprint 5, adjust out and up 1×5, repeat
Weave 3 sets Slolom through the cones
10’s 3 sets Sprint 10

Session 3

These are a mix of Kurt Hester and my own drills from experience. These are a bit more football and position oriented rather than general agilities. I like to put all athletes through them but only test by position.

Name of Drill Set/Distance Details
Scrape & Accelerate 3 sets each way Scrape 5 yards, sprint 10
Back & Sprint 3 sets Back 5, sprint diagonal, back 10, sprint diag, back 15, jog out
OL Drill 2 sets each way Lateral, Sprint, Scrape, Sprint
QB Sprint Out Drill 2 sets each way Roll on a curve, then sprint 10 yards
10’s 3 sets Sprint 10