Athletic Performance: Off-Season Program 2018 (part 4), Social Media

It’s that time of the year again. The footballs are locked away in the equipment room and your staff is starting to meet again. As a coach, you’re hitting clinics and the AFCA Convention. But you still have a job to do. Your job from January through early August is to get your players to be more athletic, while still respecting their other sports they play and their grades. Your staff needs to sit down and meet to figure out the following, but here are my tips for who to follow on Social Media in order to improve as an Athletic Performance Coordinator.

Check out the foundation for many of my thoughts on this article on Stanford Football

Click here for Coachspeak episode 28 “Off-Season Program 2018”

Volt Athletics

Your first follow, after @IMFB_Blog of course, should be Volt Athletics. Volt is a company selling a product, no doubt, but they also offer a hell of a lot of free tools for coaches and athletes alike. Check it out. The post I’ve linked below on coaching cues and spotting is excellent. Via Volt I found Dan Giuliani, a UW sports performance professor and the Volt founder.

Wellness, Yoga and Pilates

Yoga with Adriene (click here for her YouTube channel) was my yoga curriculum for physical education from 2016-2017 in Oregon. There are all lengths, levels, and styles of yoga class on her YouTube channel from stretch to mindfulness and weight loss.

Mindfulness, Yoga and Pilates



If you’re looking for wellness and mindfulness you can check out UCF PHD student Kelsey Evans. Kelsey is studying mindfulness, wellness, and finding your passion as well as character education.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 12.19.46 PM.png

Agility Drills

If you’ve read previous Off-Season Program 2018 editions, I’m a huge fan of Kurt Hester and his agility drills via Combine 2.0 on YouTube. Coach Hester has a fun Twitter to follow and learn from.

Workouts of the Day or WOD’s

Crossfit is known for WOD’s or workouts of the day. Different gyms post them all over the internet. From, to X, to Steve Kenyon’s information which can be found on YouTube you can find WOD’s everywhere. Even on my Twitter!


Miscellaneous Social Media

My cousin Alex Byron who puts up her workouts on Instagram. Alex does silks, lyra, and trapezeScreen Shot 2018-01-17 at 12.28.01 PM.png

Farmington Power – another Twitter account I enjoy and recommend

This article on goblet squats was pretty cool

Mattie Rogers – an Orlando (that’s sort of “home” to me) based powerlifter, her workouts are intense but focus on technique | Her Instagram

Amir Owens – Eastern Washington Dir of Athletic Performance