Athletic Performance: Weight Training Class – 5 Completely Different Workouts

Hypothetical: You’re a weight training teacher with 5 days a week to train your classes and fifty minute periods in which to do so. That’s 6 minutes (easily) lost to dressing out and back for class. How can you build a successful workout program for 28 kids in forty minutes?

It starts with the warm-up

We get used to what we’ve always done and for many of us that’s this huge group stretch lines with 15 different “dynamic stretches” in them. Let’s cut down on that time and do a one set of 30 seconds per each of these exercises

Air Squat (and I emphasize big circles with the arms to wake up the shoulders), push-ups, crunches, burpees, jump squats, and jumping jacks. I feel these will wake up your athletes’ entire body and get them ready to lift.

How do you program?

Monday: Bilateral lifts, using other tools besides a barbell

ex. Thrusters – dumbbells | Front Squat and plate raise – Plate | RDL – dumbbells


Tuesday: Clean Practice, mostly with barbells

ex. Hang Clean – barbell | Good Mornings – power bar

Wednesday: Yoga/Body Weight, no tools

ex. Rounds of body weight | yoga session

Thursday: Unilateral lifts, using other tools besides a barbell

ex. one-arm USA Swings – kettlebell | one-arm push press – dumbbell

Friday: Snatch Practice, mostly with barbells

ex. DB Snatch – dumbbell | Overhead Squat – barbell