Media: Vox and SB Nation layoff creators

I wanted to take the time today to comment about the state of sports journalism. There are professional journalists that have been laid off over the past couple of years with the decline of print media and now with some changes to Facebook and other conglomerates regarding search features. With the loss of ad revenue from ad blockers (I use one), and the search engine changes- great college football media creators have been left without a place to work. One of my dream jobs (besides being Jim Cornette’s work son on WWE TV) is to create college football media content for a living, while still working the sidelines on Friday nights of course. That dream seems really far from reality now.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 8.44.25 AM.png

We get instant media from amateur writers like myself over at Saturday Blitz or the SB Nation fan sites but we can’t look to those one-dollar-per-one-thousand-page-views rookies for all of our content. Sports journalism needs pros that can produce high quality video and long-form content. That said, there are subscription services out there from a few of the recent layoff victims in Stu Mandel via The Athletic and other sites.

This week, Vox Media and SB Nation have laid off two great creators in Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein. If you have read any of my more fan-based work, you know how much I reference The Solid Verbal, of which Rubenstein is one-half of the hosts. I’ve also watched and promoted to my five readers stuff like “Easy Call” and “Wake Up, College Football,” Dan’s two video shows that he did for SB Nation. Dan loves college football and when guys love our game they help promote it and our work.

This is my moment to say support our football, and specifically the media branch of our football family tree, any way you can. The Solid Verbal helped me regain my fandom and guys like Bruce Feldman, Chris B Brown, and Stu Mandel have given me endless amounts of enjoyable reading by the pool or on the beach. Thankfully, Richard Johnson is still employed (enjoy my podcast episode with him here).

Enjoy The Solid Verbal, it’s okay for coaches to be fans.