Movement: Agility Drills Session 2

Equipment: flat disc cones

Simultaneous activity: 10’s can incorporate three athletes at a time.

Non-simultaneous activity: Next athlete starts when the player leaves the last orange cone in our design below

Coaching points: Eyes focused, posture tall with knee bend (not hunched), split L’s with arms (90 degree angles), elbows in, fingers straight, back foot has the toe to the front foot’s heel with 5″ gap between feet.

Coach’s role: Use verbal and/or visual commands to move the athletes. Coach while the work through the drills.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 12.09.30 PM.png

Cone drills- one athlete at a time
The Curve is great to accelerate while putting pressure on an ankle/hip
The adjust is set up to sprint 3 yards and then adjust your path with the next 2 cones 1 yard to the left, and sprint 3 more yards
The Weave has the cones 3 yards apart and the athlete slalom’s through the cones