Coachspeak Episode 33 “NFL Combine and Draft Convo”

I hope everyone is ready for another Coachspeak episode, again sponsored by Health IQ. Episode 33 is called “NFL Combine and Draft Convo” and covers well… the NFL Combine and Draft. Justin covered both topics for Saturday Blitz and the NFL Combine for Film Don’t Lie. He’s here today to discuss what the drills mean, how they’re functional and practical to football itself, and what to look for in an NFL player. Also the headaches of making a mock draft and why head football coaches need to communicate a shit ton in order to keep assistant coaches engaged.



The different combine drills and their purpose- What each NFL Combine drill means

Covering the happenings of the 2018 NFL Combine – NFL Combine Article

A 2018 NFL Mock Draft article post-combine- Post NFL Combine, 2018 NFL Mock Draft

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