2018 NFL Combine and 2018 NFL Mock Draft

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Coachspeak podcast episode 33 on the NFL Combine and NFL Draft + Combine Drills + Agility sessions 1-3 and more! CLICK HERE – FREE


What each combine drill means: CLICK HERE – FREE

Do you want to know what each NFL Combine drill means for coaches, scouts, GM’s and Athletic Performance Coaches? Check out this post for Saturday Blitz on the Combine Drills themselves. I cover the transfer effect from the weight room to the testing field and what each drill is a reflection of for players and teams.

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2018 NFL Combine recap: CLICK HERE – FREE

I covered the best performances, the ones that proved me wrong, the ones players needed the most, the ones that were able to boost a guy into the 1st round, and the guys that are needing a pro day to resurrect their draft status.

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2018 NFL Draft post-combine mock draft: CLICK HERE – FREE

I completed a first round mock draft for Saturday Blitz. I used the NFL.com team needs and a variety of different prospect sheets and mock drafts plus my own intuition to complete. Check out where I have the players going after their combine performances.

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