New Coachspeak; same ol’ jacklegs

coachspeak logo.png

Hopefully you’ve noticed (and have downloaded and/or listened to) the new logo and format for Coachspeak, the IMFB podcast. It’s still two dudes talking about football; however we’re focusing on college football for the 2018 season.

It’s season 2 of the podcast and we decided to see how covering the college game exclusively (with a few bonus shows about high school and the NFL thrown in) would be received.

The podcast page is here, it has links to iTunes, Spotify, a stream of the shows, links to each show’s episode page (blog post) and show descriptions dating back to episode 0 recorded in my film room in Orlando, FL.

The tag link is here, to find the blog posts for each episode (there’s always more info there such as articles to read, other podcast episodes that link up, etc) in a different manner.

Where to listen

Coachspeak is on iTunes, Spotify and others sources like Stitcher and Google Play.


Season 2 episode list

Here are the episodes and the link to their episode page (blog post about the episode).

Episode 37: Fixing Kansas and Oregon State – Click here

Episode 36: 2018 Mt. Rushmore of college football coaches – Click here

Episode 35: Mike Leach is for lovers – Click here

Ratings and Reviews

We always forget to bring it up but don’t forget to rate our show on iTunes and to write a review. If you give a 5-star review more people will listen and hell- maybe we’ll get PAID! There’s also Patreon where you can chip in a few bucks to support the show, and the Facebook page where we’ll post questions, links, etc.


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