Athletic Performance: Sample 3 day program

I, like many of my counterparts, would love to have four or five days per week with our athletes. If we did, we could get everything we want done both inside and on the field with time to spare. However, reality is a nice balance. Balancing block scheduling, shared athletes and burnout is really important in 2019 and beyond. Thus, the 3 day program. What would I do with a 3 day program?

These are simply sample workouts and you can change, adjust, and adapt them to the equipment you have and the level of athlete you have, too.

Warm Up

Time: 5 minutes

I would, of course, want to get my body weight exercises in and that’s where our warm up comes in. A quick warm up of 1x30seconds exercises would be ideal. I believe that this particular warm up is quick and maximizes a full body stretch

  • squats, pushups, planks, crunches, lunges, burpees, jumping jacks, and jump rope

Day 1- Clean Day

Part 1: Unilateral, Volume: 2x20seconds (10 second rest interval)

  • 1 arm USA Swings, 1 leg split squat, 1 leg MB passes, RB/PB overhead reverse lunges

Part 2: Barbell, Volume: 3 sets (undular system ie. 2-4, or 4-6, or 6-8 where more weight = less volume)

  • hang clean, front squat, jump shrug, clean pulls, clean grip RDL, PB Good AM’s

Day 2- Bilateral Day

Volume: 3 sets of 30seconds (10 second rest interval)

  • DB RDL, DB push press, DB split jerks, DB hang snatch, DB thrusters, DB goblet squat, MB passes, MB slams

Day 3- Snatch Day

Part 1: Unilateral, Volume: 2x20seconds

  • RB/PB overhead lateral lunges, 1 leg RDL, 1 arm DB snatch, 1 arm DB split jerks

Part 2: Barbell, Volume: 3 sets (undular system ie. 2-4, or 4-6, or 6-8 where more weight = less volume)

  • plate snatch, overhead squats, push press, split jerks, snatch grip RDL, PB Good AM’s


Time: 30 minutes per session

Days 1 and 3: Dale Baskett’s Speed Camp

Day 2: Agility Drills (Dale Baskett, Kurt Hester)

Cool Down

Time: 5 minutes

For my cool down, I would use a quick yoga practice to stretch the body, ensure that all sides of the body are taken care of, and to encourage recovery and mindfulness.

I would always end my workout with a break down of the program motto, which for me is always: “FAMILY”