Patreon: Offensive Line Skill Acquisition

Access the Offensive Line Skill Acquisition document via Patreon. It’s a $1 donation to access.

It’s merely an opinion-based question but what is the hardest position to play on the football field? Is it middle linebacker? Free safety? Quarterback? I believe it’s the offensive line. Often, the least athletic kids are put on the O-Line and asked to do extremely athletic and skill-oriented movements while maintaining the scheme to which they’re assigned. 

Every offensive line position is very different versus say wide receiver or cornerback where flipping sides of the field should be an easy transition. Guards and tackles don’t play the same and neither do centers and anyone else. Even the stance at NBHS is different as a center is on the ball, the guards are in a three point stance and the tackles are in a two point stance. 

I have created this spreadsheet after reading Bill Walsh’s “The Score Takes Care of Itself.” In “Score,” Walsh talks about Standards of Performance and the skills needed to play O-Line. I have labeled the objective, the skill, and how we can achieve that objective in the weight room, in agility drills and during individual time. 

I have also broken each skill into a “parts of whole” process. That means stance, for instance, is broken down bit-by-bit on how to get in the proper stance. 

I hope that you find this skill acquisition useful in your journey as a coach, regardless of what level or position group you work with.