Best of SOTU

Here are my favorite posts from StateOfTheU, the Miami Hurricanes blog on SB Nation. (Click here or the image below to access my work)

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Welcome to Mark Light Stadium

This is my college baseball piece for SOTU, as set to Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”

Ranking the 2017 Miami Hurricanes based on Bill Walsh College Football

Exactly how it sounds. I used BWCFB from Sega in 1993 to rank the current UM players

Miami Hurricanes’ Coaches and College Football Fashion

Took a look at the fashion trends coaches have had over the past few decades of college football

Bruce Arians: The Quarterback Whisperer

I read Bruce Arians’ book and used the knowledge to figure out how to pick a QB

What is a Mark Richt QB?

Analyzed every Mark Richt QB at UGA to see what he looks for in a QB

Brad Kaaya on Gruden’s QB Camp in 2017

Watched and analyzed Gruden’s QB Camp with Kaaya from the ESPN special

The SAM Linebacker in Manny Diaz’s Hurricanes Defense

How Manny uses the position of SAM linebacker in his multiple looks defense

Breaking in a New Starting QB at University of Miami

This is a post where I did a Q&A with QB coaches (all former QB’s themselves) and asked how they present information to QB’s and expectations in the spring with new starters