Coachspeak Podcast episode 17 Idle Hand f/ Mike Gregory

Coachspeak episode 17 “Idle Hand” featuring Mike Gregory (@CoachGreg11). Mike and Justin talk playoff runs, wrapping up the season, what to do on vacation, punching walls, AFCA and more!


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Where have all the cowboys gone?

I’m not Davis. I’m not hey you, or what?- either. I’m Coach Davis or Mr. Davis. I’ve earned that right. I have worked to get a title. If you’re a coach that perpetuates the lack of formality and/or distance between adults and kids I never want to work for you. Everyone should be a “good morning” “goodnight” “please” “thank you” “sir” “ma’am” and “excuse me” person in your program. Every coach should be Coach Last Name. Not, “Hey Last Name” and not “First Name” … never First Name.

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Mid-season Adjustments

I asked some fellow coaches and college players about their mid-season adjustments. I was looking for anything from practice plans, to schemes, to staff changes, maybe a new play or a new coverage. Here’s what I got:

We started working on punt every day of practice instead of once a week when we had punts taken back on us two weeks in a row. We changed alignment and aiming point on punt.

-Marcus Moeller (@MarcusSabroe) Malone University, PK/Punter


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Offense: Performing a mid-season review

Welcome to IMFB where I’m going to discuss what goes into my mid-season review and even use some real examples here, on the blog, in living color. The cut-ups will be on the Patreon account which you can access by clicking here and paying $5.00/month.

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Coachspeak Episode 9 Moving On

Listen to Coachspeak episode 9 with Justin and Sean Davidson. Episode 9 is about Justin’s move to Salem, Oregon to coach at Willamina High School. Justin’s moving 3100 miles for a job and some adventure.



Coachspeak episode 9:

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IMFB: Teaching Tackling

My staff at Cornerstone goes over our tackling drills we do for all players. These drills can be used every single day. Here we employ heads-up and hawk tackling. Enjoy a couple of our best drills here for FREE, and the entire video on our Patreon for FREE (for all the guys that say we charge for everything).

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