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Every episode of Coachspeak is listed below with a description, direct download and stream

Episode 23: Stream/Direct “TV Land” w/ Mike Gregory. Mike & Justin brainstorm over Justin’s idea to have coaches on a TV show where he interviews them doing random things. ex: Mike Leach at IKEA or PJ Fleck having to paddle a boat vs. row one.

Episode 22: Stream/Direct “Working Out” w/ Ann Schmidt. Talking bilaterals, unilaterals, body weight, MMA, swimming, football, and more!

Episode 21: Stream/Direct “Glazier, I hardly know her” is about eating, clinics, RPO’s, Coors, first impressions etc. f/ JJ Flynn.

Episode 20: Stream/Direct Download IMFB Agility Drills. Justin talks Agility drills and basically says he hates you.

Episode 19: Stream / Direct Download #WeAreRoom304. Justin and Mike Gregory of room 304 talk football, random stuff, Coors Light and life for an hour.

Episode 18:Stream / Direct Download The IMFB 4-2-5 Defense (Install 8). Justin talks about the 4-2-5 Defense and how he has adapted his 3-2-2-4 Defense to fit into the world of the 4-2-5.

Episode 17: Stream / Direct Download Idle Hand f/ Mike Gregory. Justin and Mike talk playoffs, wall punching, AFCA hangout sessions, and other random football coaching stuff.

Episode 16: Stream / Direct Download Klovn f/ Marcus Moeller. Marcus talks about being a foreign exchange student from Denmark, playing in Denmark, high school in the US, and staying in the U.S. to kick in college. He talks about 15 hour bus rides and answers some Super Bowl Trivia too.

Episode 15- StreamDirect Download Oil Can Boyd’s f/ Willamina Football Head Coach Dan Oswald talks about coaching under Willie Fritz at the college level, his travels around the country for this game of ours, Special Forces (never special teams) and more!

Episode 14- StreamDirect Download Bilateral Lifts and a post-season review. Part of install #7. Covers 12 bilateral lifts and why you should have split unilateral and bilateral days.

Episode 13- StreamDirect Download Select Market f/ assistant baseball/football coach JJ Flynn. Talk program improvements, off-season lifting, EDD’s and more.

Episode 12- StreamDirect Download It’s a Trap, part of install #6. Covers the trap play from different formations and personnel groups in different schemes. Also covers wrong-arming trap.

Episode 11- StreamDirect Download Individual Drills and Linebackers Drills as part of install #5. Install 5 is a LB drills video and LB manual.

Episode 10- StreamDirect Download An hour long episode f/ Aaron Avery (Ponte Vedra HS), Cam Underwood (SOTU) and Mike Gregory (Tampa Catholic HS) talking about missing our beloved NCAA Football series from EA Sports.

Episode 9- StreamDirect Download Moving On. Justin is interviewed by @IMFB_Sean about moving from Florida to Oregon, leaving being a head coach to be an assistant, and leaving being an admin for being a teacher again.

Episode 8- StreamDirect Download Coaching Roles which is part of Install 4. #4 covers the information and documents assistants and headers need to succeed.

Episode 7- StreamDirect Download Breaking into coaching. This ep covers how to break in and what to do once you get the job!

Episode 6- StreamDirect Download Hanging with Hakeem Dickson (UCF student and football coach). Just talking with Hakeem about learning how to coach and breaking into the business.

Episode 5- StreamDirect Download Hanging with Mike Gregory (Tampa Catholic HS). Sean and Justin interview Mike and talk RPO’s, coaching, and football.

Episode 4- StreamDirect Download Program discipline. Covering program discipline, culture, and values via the lens of UCF and Baylor.

Episode 3- StreamDirect Download Unilateral Workouts which is part of install #2. The guys talk unilateral lifting, off-season and in-season workouts.

Episode 2- StreamDirect Download Spring Update. The guys talk about spring football and what they’re focusing on in the spring.

Episode 1- StreamDirect Download Run Pass Options (RPO’s). The guys talk RPO’s, how they stumbled upon them, and why they are necessary in modern offenses.

Episode 0- StreamDirect Download Welcome to the Jumble. The guys introduce themselves,, the Patreon, and Coachspeak.