Mark Rogers TV: How to run RPO’s

I made my debut appearance on Mark Rogers TV talking about the Miami Hurricanes, Dan Eno’s offense, Manny Diaz, and Run Pass Options or RPO’s.


SOTU: Two tight end sets will be a deadly weapon for Miami in 2019

New Hurricanes offensive coordinator Dan Enos has an affinity for tight ends. Luckily for him, the ‘Canes have a couple of great athletes at the position.

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Patreon: Offensive Line Skill Acquisition

Access the Offensive Line Skill Acquisition document via Patreon. It’s a $1 donation to access.

It’s merely an opinion-based question but what is the hardest position to play on the football field? Is it middle linebacker? Free safety? Quarterback? I believe it’s the offensive line. Often, the least athletic kids are put on the O-Line and asked to do extremely athletic and skill-oriented movements while maintaining the scheme to which they’re assigned. 

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SOTU: Breaking down the dart play

If you’re an offensive coordinator and are looking for a play to add to your repertoire, dart could be that shiny new toy. As our offense shifts into a more zone based scheme, mixed with our man-to-man pass protection scheme- the tackle wrap read or dart could be great for you.

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