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Some examples are: 4-2-5 Defense, Run-Pass Options, Pistol Wing-T Offense, Bilateral and Unilateral Workouts, +5/-5 Offensive Game planĀ f/ Mike Gregory of Tampa Catholic, Head Coaches vs Assistant Coaches – what both roles need from the other to have a successful season, Linebacker Drills and Manual, and ways to run and defend the trap play.

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3-2-2-4 Basics of the Defense

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As a player, coach, and student of the game of football I have watched DVDs, read books, downloaded playbooks, attended clinics, perused message boards and magazines all to come to one conclusion- nothing is perfect and I know damn near nada about the game of football compared to my counterparts. However, admitting this puts my in a good place to ‘beg borrow and steal’ from every source previously mentioned above. The homage paid became the 3-2-2-4 barn door closer defense.

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