Coachspeak Episode 21 Glazier, I Hardly Know Her

Episode 21: Stream/Direct “Glazier, I hardly know her” is about eating, clinics, RPO’s, Coors, first impressions etc. f/ JJ Flynn. There’s no rhyme or reason to this one. Just listen and enjoy. We even cover Football Scoop updates.

Offense: Round-up of offensive topics on IMFB

It’s beginning to look a lot like… clinic season. Why fly to Nashville or drive to Glazier (I’m obviously joking, this shit isn’t Glazier quality) when you can sit in your undies with a beer on the couch and look at this stuff? Here are some topics focusing on offense from the past year or so on IMFB.


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Coachspeak podcast: Episode 13 Select Market w/ JJ Flynn

This is Coachspeak’s 13th episode with JJ Flynn, Willamina assistant baseball and football coach and Select Market connoisseur. JJ and Justin discuss Willamina, football, school pride, off-season lifting and how JJ got into coaching and football.

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