Offense: Round-up of offensive topics on IMFB

It’s beginning to look a lot like… clinic season. Why fly to Nashville or drive to Glazier (I’m obviously joking, this shit isn’t Glazier quality) when you can sit in your undies with a beer on the couch and look at this stuff? Here are some topics focusing on offense from the past year or so on IMFB.


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Pistol Wing T: Tom, Kick and Down

The goal of the IMFB Pistol Wing T isn’t to make a perfect replica of the wing-t with just slight variation of the backfield alignment. It’s to mold the wing-t to a pistol alignment and make it work as perfect as an offense can. Here, we’re going to create a ‘new’ formation and a new version of the down series plus the original down play.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.39.56 PM.png

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Drexel Trussell: H-Back and Option

Coaches who run the inside veer as a base running scheme are faced with a difficult defensive scheme best known as the squeeze and scrape. This scheme uses the dive key to squeeze the veer blocking tackle allowing the inside linebacker to run free and regain defensive numbers on inside veer. The same can be done on the midline option and outside veer. There are numerous ways to combat this including, but not limited to, the zone dive, counter option, belly option (Down/Log scheme), and belly dive. However, many option teams are not physically able to live without the true dive read plays due to their ability to leave 2 playside defenders unblocked. This article is a “theoretical” way to combat this technique. I say theoretical because I have yet to coach this offense.

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