Athletic Performance: Off-Season Program 2018 (part 2), Testing and Power

It’s that time of the year again. The footballs are locked away in the equipment room and your staff is starting to meet again. As a coach, you’re hitting clinics and the AFCA Convention. But you still have a job to do. Your job from January through early August is to get your players to be more athletic, while still respecting their other sports they play and their grades. Your staff needs to sit down and meet to figure out the following, but here are my tips for each section:

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Install 7: Strength- Bilateral Lifts

Enjoy IMFB’s install 7 from the Strength side of things as we cover 12 bilateral lifts. We’re talking about building a program around the hang clean and covering in-season and off-season workouts.

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Strength: 12 Bilateral Lifts – read the free article here!

Our podcast Coachspeak, with episode 14 focusing on an end of season review and and bilateral lifts:


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Overhead Squats

Strength: 12 Bilateral Lifts

As a football coach many times you become a de-facto strength and speed coach either because you’re the header, or because you’re the assistant on campus or maybe you just have enthusiasm for the topic and are willing to learn. In my experience, it was because I was a little of all of these factors. Through my time lifting not only for my own benefit but for the benefit of my program, I’ve discovered that I need to trick my body while keeping myself engaged. Not just that but after clinics, reading books, and meeting with strength coaches I’ve discovered what is important in the strength world as a football coach.

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