5 Tips for a new Defensive Coordinator

As a coach that took 8 years to become a varsity defensive coordinator, I feel I have some expertise on the journey to get there. However, once there, I felt like a rookie coach all over again. It gave me a flashback to my days of picking up team meals and finding the other rookie coach that’s wandering around waiting for film trade at a Denny’s parking lot on a Saturday morning at 7am (I started pre-Hudl, dudes). So I’m going to offer 5 tips on how to be a new Defensive Coordinator.

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Pros and Cons: Personnel Groups on Offense

Last spring, my first as head coach at CCA, I introduced our players to the idea of personnel groups and #’s. We ran two groupings (21 and 12) from three formations (reg. I, twins I, and dbl tight- ace). When we adapted our offense during the fall* we added two new groupings to our offense (11 and 10) and three new and important formations (doubles, trio, and quads) with converting our 21p from a stacked I to a split pro. While everyone changes formations and thus personnel groupings on a written level, at a few schools I have coached at we haven’t changed the actual personnel on the field with the new formation. What this article will discuss is the pros and cons of personnel groups at the ironman level when we actually change the players on the field.

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