Running RPO’s vs Man 1

When you run RPO’s and are the less athletic team, a lot of opponents will try to play cover 1 press man against you. This takes away the slants, bubbles, and puts a guy in the window of your pop pass. However, what it does leave is a 6 man box and a 1-high shell.

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Changing zone read from post snap to pre snap

With all of this zone-read, zone-option talk that’s been the forefront of discussion for the better part of a decade, I’m sure everyone feels comfortable with the basic design of the play. I’ve written about it, Chris B Brown from Smart Football has, everyone has. However, this season we must adapt our spread zone option run game because of a change of guard at the QB position. Where last season two of our three QB’s on the roster were run threats, this year our QB is less inclined to run the option and more inclined to sling the ball.

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The Evolution of the Pitchman

Coaches wax philosophically about the good ol days, and about how everything we run now is just borrowed from the legends, and in many ways it’s all true. There aren’t too many new things we can do because of the limitations rules have on the creativity (see: A11 Offense) of a game that has existed for over a century.

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