Alabama Aftermath | Film Don’t Lie

Justin discusses the week after the College Football Playoff National Championship Game and the ensuing aftermath of Alabama’s win over the Georgia Bulldogs. Matt Rhule interviewing the Indianapolis Colts, Mark Helfrich will be joining the Chicago Bears, Jon Gruden and the retreads coaches across football, leaving early for the NFL Drat, and Khalil Tate versus Coach Ken at Arizona. Also, a moment of silence for legendary broadcaster Keith Jackson who passed away at 89.

College Football 5th Quarter Article for Saturday Blitz on Fan Sided

Offense: The West Coast Lingo is Obsolete

Beyond the infamous “Spider 2 Y Banana” moment from Jon Gruden, the West Coast offense has caused many coaches, players, and fans headaches trying to figure out what language is even being spoken. In the West Coast Offense, 15-word play calls are the norm and rookies, free agents, and mid-season additions struggle to grasp the offense. So why continue using these wordy play call systems?¬†What are the benefits? I believe there aren’t any at all. Continue reading