Alabama Aftermath | Film Don’t Lie

Justin discusses the week after the College Football Playoff National Championship Game and the ensuing aftermath of Alabama’s win over the Georgia Bulldogs. Matt Rhule interviewing the Indianapolis Colts, Mark Helfrich will be joining the Chicago Bears, Jon Gruden and the retreads coaches across football, leaving early for the NFL Drat, and Khalil Tate versus Coach Ken at Arizona. Also, a moment of silence for legendary broadcaster Keith Jackson who passed away at 89.

College Football 5th Quarter Article for Saturday Blitz on Fan Sided

NFL Draft: Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys

Before Jimmy Johnson arrived in Dallas during the 1989 off-season, the Dallas Cowboys had been purchased by billionaire egomaniac Jerry Jones. Jones, Johnson’s former teammate at Arkansas, saw himself as an Al Davis type. A guy who could (or in Davis’ case used to) coach the team but instead owns it. Jones would go on to take credit for the drafts and signings of players during Jimmy Johnson’s tenure, but inexplicably hasn’t had much success since Jimmy’s players retired or left in free agency after the 1995 Super Bowl winning season. 

But the relationship between Johnson and Jones has been long analyzed. What I’m here to look into is the lightning in a bottle that Jimmy Johnson found by leaving Miami at the precise time, in the precise situation… both for his career, and the NFL and Cowboys he was stepping into.

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