Athletic Performance: Off-Season Program 2018 (part 1), Goals and Programming

It’s that time of the year again. The footballs are locked away in the equipment room and your staff is starting to meet again. As a coach, you’re hitting clinics and the AFCA Convention. But you still have a job to do. Your job from January through early August is to get your players to be more athletic, while still respecting their other sports they play and their grades. Your staff needs to sit down and meet to figure out the following, but here are my tips for each section:

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Coachspeak Episode 20 IMFB Agility Drills

Justin is drinking Jack Daniels and talking Agility Drills, Glazier, Nike COY, AFCA Convention, and #90sfbchat on episode 20!


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Avoiding the Off-Season Blues

This off-season has flown by faster than any during my career to date. I’m not sure if it’s the new position I’m in at my school, if it’s the luxury of adding a high quality assistant coach that can take over the weight room portion, or that we’re semi-established with 33 players (15 this time last year) in year two, but I’m not half as burned out in early April as I was 12 months ago. And while it’s important to keep assistants fresh and motivated, it’s even more important to keep the light under the players.

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