Defending RPO’s (Vol 1)

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In the spring and during fall camp, we play CCA on CCA almost the entire time. To match-up my CCA defense vs our CCA offense this spring I have to be prepared for 11 personnel in 2×2 and 3×1 sets. I also now have to be prepared for the “package plays” that our offense is installing. It puts us in a bind right off the bat and forces a ton of teaching on day 1 and 2. We have to understand our run fits, how to defend the zone, how to roll our coverage to trips or bow versus a slot, and how to defend the bubble.

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Changing zone read from post snap to pre snap

With all of this zone-read, zone-option talk that’s been the forefront of discussion for the better part of a decade, I’m sure everyone feels comfortable with the basic design of the play. I’ve written about it, Chris B Brown from Smart Football has, everyone has. However, this season we must adapt our spread zone option run game because of a change of guard at the QB position. Where last season two of our three QB’s on the roster were run threats, this year our QB is less inclined to run the option and more inclined to sling the ball.

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