Install 11: Athletic Performance- IMFB’s Off-Season and In-Season Program

If you’re looking for an Athletic Performance Program to adopt, try the IMFB program! Below are the links to each week in PDF format. These are from our living document that is shared with coaches around the country in multiple sports.

Turn your student-athletes from this:


To this: 


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Coachspeak Episode 22: Working Out w/ Ann

Talking weights, MMA, swimming, etc with Ann. Goes well with our latest topics on:

S&C: Transfer Effect

S&C: Testing Methods

Install 2: Unilateral Workouts

Bilateral Workouts

Agility Drills


Episode 22 Stream/Direct

Below is the video we mentioned in the podcast:

Speed and Strength: Testing Methods

Everyone has a different idea on what we should test, how and why. I used to be a 2-rep max tester for bench, back squat, and hang clean. Then I progressed to 2-rep for bench, front squat and hang clean. All in all, I really couldn’t see total “gains” because I didn’t test on day one. I didn’t because it wasn’t safe; guys weren’t prepared physically, and the lifts and spotting techniques hadn’t been properly taught on day 1 or even week 1. On top of that, it took two years to teach the kids proper depth on squats in order to test them and count them. We would lose more time putting weight on and off and doing 1″ squats that didn’t count.


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