#TheTop25 Top 25 Guys I Remember From Over The Years

Welcome to #TheTop25, again, and this post is my Top 25 guys I remember from over the years. I made a team of it and it includes guys we’ve talked about throughout the posts (access the storystream here).

#TheTop25 storystream is here too

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#TheTop25 #1 is… The Miami Hurricanes’ Mystique and Swagger

#TheTop25 #’s 1 overall is the Miami Hurricanes’ mystique and swagger. Why would they be my number one overall? First- I’m from Miami. Second- they were fun, they won, they had the cool smoke, the fatigues, the bad ass mascot and the best players in NCAA and the NFL. Most of all, Miami won my list because it’s part of who I am.


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