Media: Vox and SB Nation layoff creators

I wanted to take the time today to comment about the state of sports journalism. There are professional journalists that have been laid off over the past couple of years with the decline of print media and now with some changes to Facebook and other conglomerates regarding search features. With the loss of ad revenue from ad blockers (I use one), and the search engine changes- great college football media creators have been left without a place to work. One of my dream jobs (besides being Jim Cornette’s work son on WWE TV) is to create college football media content for a living, while still working the sidelines on Friday nights of course. That dream seems really far from reality now.

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Offense: Performing a mid-season review

Welcome to IMFB where I’m going to discuss¬†what goes into my mid-season review and even use some real examples here, on the blog, in living color. The cut-ups will be on the Patreon account which you can access by clicking here and paying $5.00/month.

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Offense: The West Coast Lingo is Obsolete

Beyond the infamous “Spider 2 Y Banana” moment from Jon Gruden, the West Coast offense has caused many coaches, players, and fans headaches trying to figure out what language is even being spoken. In the West Coast Offense, 15-word play calls are the norm and rookies, free agents, and mid-season additions struggle to grasp the offense. So why continue using these wordy play call systems?¬†What are the benefits? I believe there aren’t any at all. Continue reading