Athletic Performance: #IMFBWOD 17 week winter-spring programming

With spring football fast approaching for high schools I know your mind is clouded. However, you can access our winter-spring off-season programming from Ironman Football for a $1 donation on Patreon. It includes body weight work, testing methods, agility drills, unilateral and bilateral work, olympic lifts, and yoga all in a 3-day programming method.

Click here to access the Patreon link to the #IMFBWOD program

Sample workout: 

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 7.49.58 AM.png

Don’t forget, our 8-week 3-day summer programming is coming soon. Posts will start coming up on the week of May 3rd, 2019. Follow #IMFBWOD on Patreon and Twitter.

Movement: Agility Drills Session 2

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S&C: Field Training (June 11-13 2013)

Since I started coaching high school football, and subsequently started coaching S&C as well, I’ve noticed two big issues:

  1. If you’ve given them time off, kids never show up in shape when you’re back on.
  2. No one (myself included) runs right.

Thus, we spend the first few days learning how to run again.

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