Project Slappy: My quest to become a better athlete at 37 (post 1)

World famous social-political activist Jerry Rubin wrote a fantastic book about his journey through self-actualization called, Growing (Up) at 37. In the book, Rubin tries a variety of self-help methods and programs from yoga to rolfing, Est (which you remember from The Americans) and carrot juice diets. I too am 37, we’re on COVID quarantine, and I decided to use myself as a test dummy for not only mental-emotional improvement but also athletic improvement.


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Install 11: Athletic Performance- IMFB’s Off-Season and In-Season Program

If you’re looking for an Athletic Performance Program to adopt, try the IMFB program! Below are the links to each week in PDF format. These are from our living document that is shared with coaches around the country in multiple sports.

Turn your student-athletes from this:


To this: 


Via’s Exclusive Membership!


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Install 2: Unilateral Workouts

IMFB readers check out our second install which covers unilateral workouts. Like with any of our installs- in addition to free content like articles (that include screenshots and other material) and a podcast on the topic, you can become a Patreon exclusive member for $5 per month and get access to our unilateral workout video which includes 13 minutes of lifts with voiceovers and commentary explaining the benefits and offering coaching points for each of the 10 lifts.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.45.16 PM.png

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S&C: Getting the body back in shape

We ended our season November 1st with a 49-30 victory over a conference opponent on our home field. Since then, we have given ourselves as a coaching staff and our players five weeks off to recuperate after a long season where 19 of our 33 players logged the majority of the minutes, including a few 8th graders that started both ways. Even though many of our players are off playing basketball, we decided to get back in the weight room for two weeks before the holiday break to get our football-only kids back in shape.

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Upper Body Workout (July 18, 2013)

Coaches- We’re currently in our 2nd phase which is our conversion to strength. We’ve progressed on our core lifts (Bench, Clean, Back Squat) from 60% 10-12 reps to 80% 6-8 reps (hang cleans we try to lessen to 5-7), but we like to keep most of our auxiliary lifts to 10-12 reps. This keeps us functionally strong and flexible.

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