Fan Sided: Offensive Gurus and QB’s That Won’t Last

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Coachspeak Episode 23 TV Land f/ Mike Gregory

Episode 23 is called “TV Land” and Justin is chatting w/ Tampa Catholic Head Coach Mike Gregory. Mike & Justin brainstorm over Justin’s idea to have coaches on a TV show where he interviews them doing random things. ex: Mike Leach at IKEA or PJ Fleck having to paddle a boat vs. row one. Maybe James Franklin would like to go to a water park? Helping Mark Richt find an all black outfit at a Marshalls or making coffee cups at a pottery place with Coach Ken.


Mike Leach ponders Swedish meatballs and building entire rooms with an allen wrench

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Film Breakdown: Wisconsin Badgers vs Penn State Nittany Lions Football (Big 10 Title Game)

Much like my Clinic Talk previews for, I’m going to preview Wisconsin vs Penn State in the Big 10 Championship Game using film of a mutual opponent- Ohio State.


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The Shovel Option is back!

I’m about to go all Carl Azuz (@CarlAzuzCNN) and drop some puns about how coaches are digging up old plays. It’s a diamond in the rough I think you guys will really dig. OK OK enough. Take a look at the shovel option and some wrinkles with a little modern history thrown in.

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Offensive Install From 30,000 Feet

This post will cover how to put in your offense, through the lens of our shotgun zone option running game. With one image, I will cover the timing, formations, motions, plays, play-actions, and pass combos we would install, as well as what routes, steps, etc should be practiced on what days. This is my version of the Delaware Wing-T.

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